The Photo Gallery

A lot of pictures which I didn't know where to put them in. Again: You can enlarge them by clicking on.

The development of my shack over the years ...
Click to enlarge ! The early years.
Click to enlarge ! Around 1976.
Click to enlarge ! It grew a little until around 1983.
Click to enlarge ! Operating my short wave receiver Kenwood JR-599.
Click to enlarge ! Only the FT-221, the Belcom LS-707 and the JR-599 is professional rig, the rest is home made (transverters for 23cm and 13cm, power supplies, 23cm 2C39 PA, etc.etc.).
Click to enlarge ! I had to expand my shack to the right side of the room - homebrewed components got more and more :-) ...
Click to enlarge ! There is almost no space for additional equipment in 2000 :-) .
Click to enlarge ! And the rig has become somewhat more up to date, but still most of my equipment is home made !
The workshop  ...
Click to enlarge ! This photo shows a part of my mechanical shack where most of my equipment has been made ! By the way, it isn't always that tidy :-) ...
My equipment for OSCAR communication
Click to enlarge ! On the left side you can see my 2.6m dish for 23cm/13cm tropo and satellite communication (mode L uplink).

The right antenna is a 10el cross-yagi for 2m OSCAR (downlink mode B) and 4 x 16el for 70cm (uplink mode B and downlink mode L).

In the left lower corner is my antenna for 2m/70cm SSB and local communication 12m above ground.

Click to enlarge ! Ham Radio 1996: On the left OE9FKI, on the right my son Mario, OE9MKV and inbetween Werner, HB9KNV.