Moonbounce - 13cm

Some more pictures of my equipment for 13cm moonbouncing together with some technical stuff. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

The dish is the same as for 23 cm. I use a homemade W2IMU horn and a two-stage preamp (MGF1414/MGF1402). Unlikely I don't have a good-quality photo of this part of the rig. 

Click to enlarge ! The power amplifier for 13cm moonbouncing. Below the PA is the driver.

Technical data:

  • Tube = YD1304
  • Pout = 120W
Click to enlarge ! My (completely homemade) transverter for 13cm moonbounce for use with my FT-221. 
Click to enlarge ! Another view on my transverter.
Click to enlarge ! Again the PA.
Click to enlarge ! And once again the driver.