Moonbounce - 23cm

Some pictures of my equipment together with some technical stuff. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Click to enlarge ! This is my dish for 23cm and 13cm moonbouncing.

Technical data:
  • d = 3.82m (12.5ft)
  • f/d = 0.48


Click to enlarge ! My feed for 23cm moonbounce including the preamp.

Technical data:

  • Dual mode feed horn with hybrid coupler (completely homemade)
  • Two-stage GaAs-FET-preamp
 Click to enlarge ! The power amplifier for 23cm is a homemade TH-308. You can see it in the foreground. In the background is the 2.4kV power supply for the amplifier.

Technical data:

  • Gain = 10dB
  • Ua = 2.0kV nominal
  • Ia = 1.0A peek
Click to enlarge ! This is the same amplifier in total top view.